The Torquay Bowling Club Limited was incorporated on 12th October 1911 by a group of Torquay bowlers in order to negotiate with the Cary Park Trust for the leasehold of the land at Belgrave Road  and to develop the land as a bowling green. The share issue was 700 shares @ £1 each and purchased by members of the Club. The completed green was officially opened on Saturday, May 18th, 1912. In November 1932 the Company purchased the freehold title for £1000.

In the 1960s and 1970s the Directors of the Company realised the intrinsic value of the property and recognised the fact that the Company was vulnerable to outsiders taking it over. They then instituted a policy whereby the Club purchased the shares where and when they became available. As a result of this policy the Club eventually acquired a majority holding of the shares. It currently holds 85% of the 700 shares. By reason of its majority holding the Club effectively owns the Limited Company. During the 1970s the Directors agreed to lease the use of the greens to the Torquay Bowling Club free of rent.


There are currently seven Directors including the Chairman and the Secretary, each Director holding the required five £1 shares. All the Directors are members of the Torquay Bowling Club.

The Chairman of the Company is Alan Grost.

The Company Secretary is June Skennerton.